Price € incl.VAT







Carbon fork

Fizik carbon saddle

Corima wheelset

KEIM OVL integrated handlebar



in EU

5 years

7,5 Kg

White ash frame (OVL)


Arvak, mythological horse pulling the sun in its chariot across the sky, is a bike you will mount almost bareback. Dashingᅠ! Not a vibrationᅠ; no noise other than that of the wheels on the ground, in direct tune with the wind and the surrounding landscape…  Back to the essence of what a bike isᅠ: a fascinating machine of unprecedented efficiency, which adresses so well the human body and mind.

Arvak is the outcome of our quest for the fundamental bike. Its refined profile is reminiscent of a bird’s skeletal frame. The agressiveness of its lines is tempered by the tactile smoothness of wood..




Arvak is the first model of a new generation of wood bikes. Its monocoque hollow frame, tested in a lab, is a composite of dozens of vaccuum stratified white ash wood layers laminated with a high performance resin. The strips of wood’s positioning is maximized in order to enjoy the best of this wood’s exceptional characteristics, already proven effivient in tool handles, hockey sticks and ski cores.                                                           From wood selection to glazing, each frame is bespoke handmade by Breitfuss workshop’s skilled craftsmen. The bike is then equiped with high-end technical components which are selected or designed for ideal incorporation.